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The goal is to find a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the items on your list. If you need other manufacturer coupons, visit the " Best Websites With Printable Grocery Coupons " article to find additional coupons. It is also helpful to do an online search for the name of the item, followed by the word "coupon.

Check the terms of the coupons you plan to redeem. If the coupon requires that you buy three items, adjust your list accordingly. Once you have finished matching coupons, separate the store coupons from the manufacturer coupons. Separating the coupons in advance will help when it comes time to check out.

You are now ready to go shopping. Remember to stick closely to your shopping list. Coupons tend to stick together. When you are redeeming store and manufacturer coupons only, most couponers present all of the store coupons first, followed by the manufacturer coupons. In some situations, particularly when loyalty programs are involved, doing it this way will increase savings. After you are comfortable matching store and manufacturer coupons on the items listed on your grocery list, try advancing to the next level. It is very easy to do and has the potential to improve your grocery savings significantly.

The goal of this step is to buy items that are on sale and stack each one with store and manufacturer coupons. Here are the steps to take:. It is designed to encourage shoppers to try various products by offering cash rebates in return. It does not matter if you purchase the item using coupons. You will still get the same cash rebate. The final cost? Jessica , No, if your store doubles then it will automatically double. You should see on the screen that an extra discount comes off after your coupon is scanned.

March 8, at am. March 2, at am. March 3, at pm. February 21, at am.

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Hi, I would love to start couponing but is this double coupon availale in canada and the shopping card??? February 22, at pm. I have no idea if Canada has similar promotions. January 29, at am. January 29, at pm. Amanda , No, you can only use ONE coupon per item. June 19, at pm. Stephanie , Not always the case. Ive done this a few times and did it the other day and got away with it.

October 19, at pm. Sara Be an honest couponer, please! November 18, at pm.

For example Similac formula- costs 7. I have used all three coupons and specifically asked because I did not want to cheat the system. I was told by store manager at HEB as long as they were different, it was fine. January 11, at pm. Sara, Really and your proud of that?!? March 1, at am. This applies to BOGOs as well. I know this works at Target for sure.

To me, stacking coupons in this way is similar to buying things on sale or clearance with coupons. May 25, at am. Amanda , you can use a manufacture coupon with a store coupon. January 27, at pm. Okay the 5 means it will double automatically. What do the rest of the numbers in the bar code on the coupon mean?

If not why? If not, then why? Is this another ploy the stores play so you will shop at their store! I know my walmart will give you the money back too where Target will no honor any money the coupon goes over. November 25, at pm. Double check policy on doublers. Walmart corporate has changed the way they handle them. The thing to remember is that the stores get reimbursed for the amt of coupon used so the extra 3cents can be applied to the rest of the bill. Not all stores can or are able to apply the overage to the rest of the bill.

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January 11, at am. Thanks for all the advise! Yuna , Doubling happens automatically if your store offers it. Please call your stores to verify if they actually Do double the coupons. If not once a week to verify policy call ten minutes b4 your scheduled trip to the specific store. It does take a bit longer to process the doublers as their system is not set up to do so but it is well worth it. Last trip with doublers for me grossed plus tax net paid was 63 with tax.

Remember to be patience with your cashier. August 2, at pm. April 28, at am. Safeway has a firm grip on grocery shopping in the Bay Area. We used to have a Lucky grocery store but they closed down and now CVS occupies their space. April 9, at pm. Yuna , none of those stores double. Fla is known as a dead spot for stores that double coupons. I live in central fl. May 9, at am. Jennipher, what stores in the Panhandle double or triple that you know of??

December 7, at am. May 17, at am. Yuna , A lot of times, Target will say that they will take double…But the way that I have done it and understood it to be was that they will take one manufacturers coupon and one Target coupon.

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Ive done this twice now and they have always taken both. Im in Fort Lauderdale. Also, Publix will honor other stores coupons usually. October 24, at am. Sara I live in the Ft. Anyway you can help me with this? I live in Summerville, SC. There is no coupon limit.

It must vary from store to store. November 11, at pm. Right now, its the luck of the draw. January 6, at pm. December 4, at pm. August 30, at pm. Just really started couponing. March 18, at am. April 8, at am. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us! Couponing offers a variety of money-saving strategies that encourage and motivate readers to get creative and explore different savings techniques.

Couponing Basics June 29, Rachel April 4, at am. I do not think Florida participates in double coupon. How any exceptions to the rule u know of? Parker March 13, at pm. Afton February 9, at pm. Elizabeth September 18, at pm. Tammy March 22, at pm. Jessy May 11, at pm. Cletia Sanders April 11, at pm. Cindy October 22, at pm. Amee Merklin Cantagallo via Facebook March 19, at pm. Jill Keogh Craft via Facebook March 19, at pm.

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Laurie Messer via Facebook March 19, at pm. Jen Thrifty Nwmom via Facebook March 19, at pm. Sure wish our stores still doubled coupons! Such a great way to save! Christine September 27, at pm. Charles August 5, at pm. Meagan August 8, at pm.

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Dawn July 28, at pm. How could I make this coupon work best for me? Stephanie July 29, at pm. Paula M. Judy Grossi February 11, at am. Makayla January 26, at pm. Stephanie January 31, at am. Akira January 20, at am. Masha January 1, at am. Christine December 1, at am. Meagan December 3, at am. Jennifer November 21, at pm. Skykat November 21, at am. Lori November 19, at pm. Nancy August 1, at pm. I am new to couponing and the info helped me.

Meagan August 1, at pm. Brandy June 15, at pm. I found the greatest deal got my finish gel packs at Kroger for. Meagan June 17, at am. Stephanie May 6, at am. Valerie duran April 2, at pm. Katie February 6, at am. Meagan February 6, at am. RGood January 16, at pm. Meagan January 3, at am. Kara November 13, at pm. Meagan November 15, at pm. Meagan October 23, at pm. Katherine October 12, at am.

Thanks, Katherine. Geena September 27, at pm. Wow…finally i know what coupon doubling is, thank U….!! Meagan September 27, at pm. Geena September 28, at am. Meagan August 6, at am. Monica June 26, at pm. Meagan June 27, at am. Norma Ann White June 13, at am. Rachael April 16, at am. Meagan April 16, at am. EdAsk February 10, at am. Ericka December 25, at pm. Rosa November 15, at am. Stephanie November 16, at am. Deb November 14, at pm. No, you can only use 1 coupon per item no matter what the discount is. Carol November 13, at pm. This tip is so awesome!

Its going to help my shopping trip this week. Elle November 7, at pm. Samantha M. Stephanie November 1, at pm. Grace October 20, at pm. Jessica October 17, at am. Stephanie October 18, at pm. Vanessa October 8, at pm. Stephanie October 10, at pm. Juliet October 7, at pm.

Stephanie October 5, at pm. L September 28, at pm.

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April November 3, at pm. Mary September 28, at pm. Liza November 14, at am. Stefanie September 25, at pm. Amy September 26, at pm. Hi Stefanie, Doubling happens automatically if your store offers it, and you just need one coupon. HTH, Amy. Christina September 18, at pm. Thanks, Christina. Karen July 17, at pm. Amber June 16, at pm. Stephanie June 24, at pm. Amber June 25, at am. Stephanie , Thanks for the info! Angela June 12, at am. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! Melissa June 5, at am. Tormeka Ezzard June 3, at pm.

Erin May 26, at pm. I just started couponing and i was woundering how that worked. Brenda May 25, at pm. Stephanie May 26, at pm. Husband craving a carton of his favorite ice cream?

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Roommate reminding you she just used the last of the milk? Grocery iQ allows everyone to combine their grocery needs in one synced, easy-to-access list with coupons built right in. SnipSnap helps you take control of your paper coupons and transform them into a digital format. As the name implies, first you snip a coupon, then you snap a picture of it with your phone. Once your coupons are digitized, you can take your phone and use the coupons at the register just like if you had handed over a piece of paper.

Further, your coupons are shared with the wider community of users, who also share their coupons with you. This leads to a communal coupon experience that saves everyone money. Most Groupon coupons come in the form of a deal where you pay a discounted rate for a specific service or value. Once they expire, you can still redeem for the cash value you paid. These can be big money savers at places you already go and help you find new places at a lower cost.

A quick glance gives you options for restaurants, regional department stores, mall retailers, big box stores and specialty retailers. Coupon Sherpa is more than just printable coupons, however. It also offers coupon codes and a range of deals through the mobile apps. Pre-plan with printed coupons or figure out your savings on the go with the app. If you ever see a box for a promo code or coupon code when checking out online, do not click the checkout button before visiting RetailMeNot.